Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering


(for the application of the thesis)

cover sheet with green bars, page 1 + 2
(if you have not received a cover sheet with a green bar in the FSB)
Decbklatt without a green bar, page 1 + 2
(if the have received cover sheet with the green bar in the FSB)

td colspan affordable custom writing service = “1” rowspan = “1” style = “width: 6%;” Poster layout

vehicle technology Master

General information
Presentations Template (BA) ppt template
(BA) pptx
template (MA) ppt template
(MA) pptx
additional information on the presentation of the thesis
1-vehicle technology (cdr )
1-vehicle technology (PDF)
2-vehicle technology (cDR)
2-vehicle technology (PDF)

Note CATIA poster template FA CATIA
Poster FA head (JPG)
example Posters

Poster layout
1-aircraft (cDR)
1 aircraft (PDF)
2 aircraft (cDR)
2 -Flugzeugbau (PDF)

Note CATIA poster template FL CATIA
Poster head FL (JPG)
example Posters

Please note:
apply the guidelines of the Department of Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering – these can be found

here completion

Templates ( see vehicle and aircraft )


course documents
Bachelor (B.Sc.) Mechatronics course Title
general Notes on thesis
Release Note (pdf)
Word templates templates (docx)

Master and

LaTeX templates templates

(zip folder) completion Master (MSc)

course Documents
general Notes on thesis
( complement to the information sheet : the topic of the final work any product and company names are allowed)
Master thesis information (PDF)
release notes
Bachelor (BSc) information and Electrical Engineering
Renewable energy systems and information Engineering -managament
templates ( docx, zip archive) (old, please latex templates use)
templates (latex, zip archive)
Master (MSc) information and communications technology
templates (docx, zip archive) (old, please latex templates use)
templates (latex, zip archive)
Microelectronic Systems Templates (doc, zip archive) (old, please latex templates use)
templates (latex, zip archive) I have to report back when the Colloquium falls into the new semester?
No. You do not have to log in when the delivery of the thesis to 31.08. or 28./29.02. takes place and this is your last service to be provided. The colloquium is independent of the delivery.

second Where can I get the cover for my thesis?
The cover page is available as a template on our website, an output of the boards on the FSB TI is currently not possible.

3rd When will I be expelled?
you are expelled retroactively from the day of the last assessment.